Dear Credential Holders,

The last year and a half have been a tumultuous time for the ATCB, the country, and the world. Few things have not been disrupted, and most things have changed in many ways. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced and thank you for your patience as the ATCB Board of Directors and the National Office navigate the challenging and confusing times.

Here are some important ATCB updates and exciting changes:

  • At the end of 2019, we hired a new Executive Director, Latoya Robinson. Though LeeAnn hit the ground running, there was still a learning curve to understand the history and operations of the ATCB. One of the first things she discovered was that the ATCB needed to comply with data and identity protection regulations, notably General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and various state mandates that require regulatory boards that govern confidentiality and communications with credential holders. This meant that we could no longer continue with social media or the blog since this was provided by a contracted vendor outside the National Office. Coming into compliance also highlighted the need for a new database platform and website to serve credential holders. Detailed information about the new system will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.
  • Like many organizations, the ATCB had to make substantial changes to in-office operations to work remotely. Some of these changes included:
    • Modifying the application process from US postal mail to email. The email process requires the National Office to collect pieces of application materials and create the application packet on their behalf. Only after application packets are complete can the application review process begin. Checking MyATCB accounts is the best way to quickly find updates on missing materials and reach out to supervisors/references, etc., to remind them.
    • As the National Office, with a staff of only three people, was managing these new application procedures, they also had recertification and renewals to attend to as they figured out how to do business in a pandemic. Despite the difficulty, the ATCB offered credential holders extensions for renewals and recertifications three times.
    • The National Office has had to extend this to accommodate the increase in credential holders’ calls and emails and while we work to update our operating systems.
  • The ATCB Exam windows were modified from four limited windows a year to six-month windows. Because the exam is national, our testing provider Pearson Vue is bound by local pandemic mandates outside of the ATCB’s control; thus, we have extended exam windows when requested.
  • The standards for credentials are reviewed and updated annually, please be sure to check our website and application handbooks to stay abreast of these updates.
  • The National Office has created an upgraded user-friendly database, and website-all records and files are being digitalized. We grew the Board of Directors and will be adding additional staff. Based on your feedback from the media survey, we will reinstate the newsletter.

Important to note, due to the confidentiality and privacy mandates, the ATCB cannot and will not provide any applicant or credential holder information to anyone other than the applicant or credential holder. We will also decrease the number of mass emails.

Please see important updates for information about upgrades to MYATCB, applications, renewals, recertification, and more!

As 2021 continues, we anticipate more positive changes and look forward to working with you to continue improving our credentialing systems and certification in our mission to serve art therapists and protect the public.

Thank you,

Charlotte Boston