1. Temporary Inactive Status

A credential holder in good standing may request Temporary Inactive Status at any time; the request requires board approval. Temporary Inactive Status is valid for five years, so the requested credential holder can return to active status before the five-year-end date. Any board-certified art therapist (ATR-BC) credential holder who misses their recertification cycle while on Temporary Inactive Status will have their five-year cycle reset to that of the year they return and will need to complete recertification on June 30 of that year.

During this time, you may not use the ATR, ATR-BC, or ATCS designation. Instead, you may refer to yourself as ATR, ATR-BC, or ATCS – Temporary Inactive.

You must apply online via your MYATCB portal. There is a one-time $25 fee to apply for temporary inactive status. During the time that temporary inactive status is in effect, the annual maintenance of your renewal is paused.

Acceptable reasons for seeking Temporary Inactive Status include unemployment, maternity or paternity leave, serious illness or disability, military service, volunteer service, or education.

Any credential holder on temporary inactive status can return to active status anytime through the MYATCB portal. Board-certified art therapists who missed their recertification cycle will have their cycle updated to reflect the year they return. They will need to renew and recertify the year of their return via the normal process.

Any credential holder that does not return to active status after the five-year allowance credentials will move to inactive status. Inactive credentials can return to active status through the completion of a reactivation application.