Reinstating Credentials

Reinstatements are for credentials: ATR, ATR-P, and ATCS only.

Board Certification (BC) is not a credential-it is a certification.
For a missed recertification of a board certification please refer to the information outlined here.

The information below is for credential reinstatements.

The ATCB credential year runs July 1-June 30  An email alert is sent when renewals have begun, all renewals must be completed via MYATCB to ensure an attestation of compliance with the ATCB Code of Ethics, Conduct, and Disciplinary Procedures.

If the renewal is not completed by the due date, there is a 30 days grace period July 1 through July 31 to complete renewal, there is a late fee of $30 that will be applied. If by July 30 renewal are not complete, your credential will become inactive.

If a credential becomes inactive, there is a reinstatement application.

To return to active status:

  1. Completion of the reinstatement application on MYATCB
  2. $400 reinstatement fee, and
  3.  A letter from a current ATCB credential holder endorsing the former ATR’s return to active status. The letter requesting reinstatement must include a statement of attestation that the former ATR has studied the current ATCB Code of Ethics, Conduct, and Disciplinary Procedures has and will continue to abide by this Code.

Reinstatement follows the same ethics review as that of all ATCB applications. The reinstatement fee covers the cost of the ethics review, the relisting on the national registry, all administrative costs, and the annual renewal fee.

Credential Holders may request a fee waiver for whom the reinstatement fee poses a financial hardship. Contact Latoya Robinson if you are in need of assistance. All fee waivers require board approval.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on completing reinstatements.

If you are a registered art therapist with board certification (ATR-BC), and the ATR was not renewed and is inactive during the time of your board certification cycle, once the ATR is reinstated the BC distinction can resume. If you did not complete the annual renewal of your ATR and did not complete the recertification of your board certification (BC), the reinstatement process only returns the ATR to active status. Additional information about recertification can be found here. 

Should a credential holder choose to appeal the inactivation of a credential, they can do so by submitting a formal request to the ATCB Board of Appeals.  All requests must be submitted to Additional information about appeals can be found here. Please review the guidelines and requirements for an appeal prior to submission.