The Art Therapy Credentials Board is led by a broad team of volunteer leaders—including a Board of Directors, a Certification Committee, and other advisory committees.  An autonomous certifying agency, The Art Therapy Credentials Board of Directors, is compromised of eleven members, ten of which are  ATR-BCs, and one public member is motivated by the belief in the value of art therapy.  Directors are appointed for two-year terms for a maximum of three terms from diverse backgrounds, representing a cross-section of art therapists.

The Board of Directors enacts the mission of the ATCB through strategic planning and responsible fiscal oversight.  It assesses the needs of the ATCB and responds by collaboratively developing structures that utilize the knowledge, skills, and creativity of our credential holders. The ATCB Board establishes all policies regarding credentialing and certification of art therapists, in accordance with NCCA accreditation standards.

To ensure diverse and far-reaching perspectives govern us, one member of our Board does not hold the ATR-BC credential: our public member. The public member position is reserved for someone who represents the public. Their input is valued for their perspective in the decision-making of ATCB while representing and protecting the consumer and the public interest.

The Public Member:

  1. Represent the public’s, consumer’s, or user’s perspective and
  2. Bring new ideas and goals to the board to ensure these interests are valued.
  3. Contribute to an unbiased perspective.
  4. Encourage consumer-oriented positions.
  5. Bring additional public accountability and responsiveness.

A dedicated group of professionals staffs our team at the ATCB National office with a common goal of advancing the field of art therapy and can guide you through the process of earning any of our credentials, board certification, or the ATCBE examination.

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The Board is seeking Directors for 2022. If you are interested, please contact Latoya Robinson