1. ATR-BC
“It was an asset when I applied for a new job last year. The additional credentials conveyed greater professionalism.” -Amy Wysocki, ATR-BC

To maintain your status as a Registered Art Therapist with Board Certification (ATR-BC), you must:

  • Adhere to the ATCB Code of Ethics, Conduct, and Disciplinary Procedures.
  • Complete the annual renewal of your credential- the ATR
  • Recertify every 5 years, either through accruing Continuing Education Credits or passing the Art Therapy Credentials Board Examination (ATCBE).
  • Please be sure to update your email address and other personal information in your MyATCB portal. Please note the ATCB National Office cannot access your portal space to complete this for you. If you need assistance accessing your portal please contact the National Office

Please note that recertification and renewal are separate processes with separate fees. If recertification of board certification distinction is due, you must complete the recertification application and also complete the annual renewal of your credential: Registered Art Therapist (ATR). 


Renewing the ATR:

An annual renewal notice will be sent to you in April of each year and is due by June 30.

The function of renewals is the submission of a completed ethics and credential attestation that you are in compliance with the ATCB Code of Ethics Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.

All renewals must be completed on the MyATCB portal. Manual renewals require board authorization, please do not mail a check to the national office. All checks received by mail will be returned to the sender.

By June 30th of each year, all credential holders must complete the annual ethics attestation and pay annual maintenance fees to maintain their credentials.  The ATCB affords a 30 day grace period from July 1-July 31 for anyone who missed the renewal window, there is a late fee during this time. After July 31st any credential not renewed becomes inactive.

Additional information about reinstating an inactive credential can be found here.

  • If your ATR is inactive during the time of your board certification cycle, once the ATR is reinstated the BC distinction can resume. If you did not complete the annual renewal of your ATR, and did not complete the recertification of your board certification (BC), the reinstatement process only returns the ATR to active status.

Additional information is below about the recertification process.


Click here for step-by-step instructions on completing your annual renewal.


If you don’t plan on renewing you may:

The above options are located on MyATCB portals 


Recertifying Board Certification 

Recertification is not the same as renewals. To recertify your board certification (BC) you must complete the recertification application, including completing the CE tracker with 100 qualifying continuing education credits during the five-year certification cycle or re-take and pass the Art Therapy Credentials Board Examination (ATCBE), which is updated annually.

Recertification must be completed before the recertification cycle ends. The date of recertification can be found in credential holder MYATCB portals, ID cards, and board certification certificates.

The ATCB no longer accepts handwritten CE tracker forms. All CE’s must be entered into the formal recertification application online tracker.

The ATCB recognizes a variety of CEC activities. These activities are clearly outlined in the recertification standards provided to all ATR-BCs.  A minimum of six CECs must be earned in the area of ethics each cycle.

*Beginning in 2023 six CEC’s must be earned in the area of supervision each cycle.

Keeping documentation of earned CECs is essential for your recertification application.  A random sample of 10% or more of all those due for recertification is audited each year. Acceptable documentation may be in the form of academic transcripts, certificates of attendance from recognized providers, or other proof as outlined in the recertification standards.


Click here for step-by-step instructions for recertifying your board certification 


If the five-year certification cycle ended and a recertification application was not submitted the BC distinction will no longer be valid. If the recertification application was not completed, you can:

  1. Make an appeal to the Board of Appeals to reopen the recertification application. Information for making an appeal is outlined here.
  2. Apply to take the ATCBE, the application for this is located in MyATCB portals. If the exam fee creates a financial hardship contact the ATCB National Office, staff can bring this hardship to the Board of Directors for consideration

Board certification is not a credential and cannot be reinstated. 

The completion of your annual renewal to maintain your credential- Registered Art Therapist  (ATR) is required for board certification.

See the ATR-BC Handbook for details.