What is the process of recertification?

Each certificant will complete and submit the recertification application.

How do I earn CECs (Continuing Education Credits) and in what content areas must they be earned?

CECs may be earned by attending various workshops, lectures, seminars and by attending or teaching educational classes that fall within the eligible content areas. CECs may also be earned by publishing articles, books, and videos, as well as participating in juried art shows. Please see the Recertification Standards Document for details.

What constitutes acceptable CECs in ethics?

Any CEC opportunity that addresses the principles of conduct that govern credentialed art therapists (as per the ATCB Code of Ethics, Conduct, and Disciplinary Procedures) would be pertinent. Most CEC opportunities in ethics have the word “ethics” in their titles. Ethics CECs can be awarded for attending ethics presentations by professionals in art therapy or a related mental health field (includes counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, addictions counseling, psychology, psychiatric nursing and psychiatry). ATR-BCs can also receive CECs for conducting ethics workshops, presentations, panels, academic courses and publishing their own ethics articles.

Can I receive CECs for providing supervision?

No, the ATCB does not accept continuing education for providing supervision to potential credential holders.

Is there any established percentage of CECs that must be obtained directly in Art Therapy?

At this time there is no requirement that a percentage of CECs be art therapy specific.

Who reviews the applications/tracking forms for recertification and how will the audit group be determined?

The initial review will be done by the ATCB National Office and they will forward any questions or requests to the appropriate committee. The audit sample will be by random selection of approximately 10% of the certificants who are to recertify in the respective year.

If my application is chosen for the random 10% audit group, what will I need to submit to the ATCB?

Along with the required documentation mentioned above, you will need to furnish supporting documentation to validate the CECs. This documentation can include certificates of attendance, programs, copies of juried shows brochures, course syllabi for teaching a course for credit, and transcripts.

How much is it going to cost to become recertified by the ATCB?

There is no additional recertification fee. ATR-BCs pay the same annual maintenance as ATRs (fee chart).

How will I receive information and the application for recertification?

Certification materials will be mailed to you from the ATCB National Office 90 days prior to your recertification date. The application will be self-explanatory and will outline the options for recertification and the materials that will be needed to recertify.