Art Therapy Certified Supervisor FAQ

Is the ATCS going to be required in order to provide supervision of future ATRs?

Like all ATCB credentials, the ATCS is voluntary and the ATCB does not require that ATR applicants receive supervision from an ATCS.

How many continuing education credits are required to maintain the ATCS?

ATCS credential holders must maintain the ATR-BC in good standing and must complete 10 CECs in supervision within the 100 hours of CECs required for the ATR-BC. Recertification is required every five years and will coincide with your ATR-BC recertification cycle.

What is the annual fee for maintaining the ATCS?

The ATCS is subject to an annual maintenance fee which is currently $25. The fee is due in June, beginning in the year after the credential is granted.

How much experience as a supervisor do I need to have in order to apply?

There are two options for attaining the ATCS certification and each has different requirements for experience as a supervisor. The requirement for supervision experience for Education-Based entry applicants is a minimum of 100 hours of clinical supervision of supervisees providing art therapy services, in addition to a minimum of 35 continuing education credit hours of supervision. For Experience-Based entry to ATCS certification, applicants are required to have completed at least 36 months and 500 hours of experience as a clinical supervisor of supervisees providing art therapy services.

I am also a licensed mental health practitioner in my state. Can I use supervision I have provided to non-art therapists toward this credential?

Supervision must be of supervisees providing art therapy services. When supervision is provided to non-art therapists who provided art therapy services, the ATCS Verification of Clinical Supervision Form must be completed and signed by a representative of the agency at which the applicant provided the clinical supervision.

Do I need continuing education credits in clinical supervision to become an ATCS?

If an applicant is applying for the ATCS through the Education-Based entry and has not completed a course in clinical supervision with a minimum of three semester (or 4.5 quarter) hours of graduate level credit from a regionally or nationally accredited institution, continuing education credits are required. The continuing education credits must meet ATCB recertification standards in place at the time of application. A total of 35 continuing credit hours in the area of clinical supervision, including supervision of art therapists must be submitted along with endorsement and supervision requirements, and a Professional Disclosure Statement.

How long must I be an ATR-BC before I can apply for the ATCS?

An applicant for the ATCS must hold the ATR-BC for a minimum of 24 months before applying and must maintain the ATR-BC as one of the conditions of retain the ATCS.

ATCS Application

Be sure to read the ATCS Application Handbook prior to applying online. The handbook outlines the requirements and contains official forms which you may need during the application process.

If you have any questions about the application or credentialing process, we are here to help.