Art Therapy Credentialed Supervisor-Standards

Art Therapy Credentialed Supervisor-Standards

All applicants must be a Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC) whose ATR-BC credential has been in good standing for a minimum of two years prior to application and who meets the requirements detailed below.

Education-Based Requirements

A minimum of 10 hours of formal education training in clinical supervision and/or supervised supervision. These education/training hours must have taken place within ten years of application date. Verification of education requirement can be in the form of an official transcript or CEC certificate(s) of completion.

Supervision Requirements

A completed Verification of Supervision Form(s) documenting provision of a minimum of 500 hours of supervision of art therapists and art
therapy interns placed in clinical and community settings. The verification of supervision form is no longer required to be completed by someone either than the applicant. Applicants can outline the supervision hours provided and attest that the hours outlined are as stated. The ATCB will email you the
supervision form, once completed this form can be uploaded directly through your MYATCB portal

NOTE: For supervision hours provided out of one’s private practice to apply toward meeting the ATCS requirements, the supervisee(s) must have successfully earned the ATR credential.

Professional Disclosure Statement Requirement

ATCS applicants must provide a draft of the Professional Disclosure Statement that the applicant intends to use with
supervisees after being approved for the ATCS. This Disclosure Statement must demonstrate an understanding of the
multiple responsibilities of clinical supervision. You may submit the disclosure statement currently distributed to
supervisees only if all required information is included, and contains instructions about ATCB’s complaint procedures and
how a supervisee with concerns may file a complaint with ATCB and any other relevant licensure board or credentialing
body. The Professional Disclosure Statement submitted with this application must include:

• Your name
• Supervisor’s name (if applicable)
• Business or employer’s name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address
• Description of formal training and education, including highest relevant degree and educational institution
• Description of relevant art therapy credentials
• Description of all professional affiliations, memberships, licensing, and certifications, including credential number and issuing state or organization
• Affirmation of past and present adherence to the ATCB Code of Ethics, Conduct, and Disciplinary Procedures
• Areas of competence and services provided
• Philosophical/theoretical approach to supervision
• Description of relevant academic training or professional experience in demonstrating competency in clinical supervision
• Fees for supervision (must state specific fee or fee range). If no fee, this must be stated.
• Instructions regarding how a supervisee should address any dissatisfaction with the supervision process including how to file a complaint with ATCB, Inc., the ATCB’s address, telephone number, and e-mail address


Endorsement Requirements

A letter of endorsement from a current ATR-BC attesting to the applicant’s supervisory competency, please provide the name and email for the
individual submitting an endorsement on behalf of your application into the ATCS application.