Art Therapy Certified Supervisor (ATCS)

Maintaining your ATCS credential requires you to first maintain your ATR-BC credential. It also requires:

The continuing education you complete to maintain your ATCS must be based upon the theory and technique of clinical supervision. You may meet five (5) of the 10 required continuing education hours by receiving qualifying supervision of your work as a clinical supervisor. Qualifying supervision meets the following criteria: Your supervisor is an ATCS or is a licensed and/or credentialed master's level mental health professional with the supervisory credential in his/her field, AND your supervisor is providing supervision of your work as a supervisor of other art therapists. The continuing education you receive for your ATCS may also be used toward maintaining your ATR-BC.

See the ATCS Application Handbook for details

The ATCS application is available here.

Temporary Inactive Status

Retired Status

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