Maintaining Your Credentials

Annual Maintenance Fees
It is the professional responsibility of every ATCB credential holder to keep his/her credentials current through the payment of annual maintenance fees for the ATR or the ATR-BC. ATCB’s maintenance fees should not be confused with membership dues or license renewals paid to any national, state or chapter organization by the credential holder. However, ATCB credential holders who are also members of the American Art Therapy Association qualify for a discounted maintenance fee. See fee chart for all ATCB fees. Late charges will apply when the annual maintenance fee is not received by the due date.

All Board Certified Art Therapists (ATR-BCs) must recertify every five (5) years. The purpose of the ATR-BC recertification process is to ensure that any person board certified by the ATCB continues to meet standards for board certification, as demonstrated by the accrual of 100 qualifying continuing education credits during the five-year certification cycle or by re-taking and passing the Art Therapy Credentials Board Examination (ATCBE), which is updated annually. The five (5) year Recertification requirement, an industry-standard time frame, ensures that ATR-BCs are current in maintaining the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate proficiency in the field in order to protection the public. Hours of continuing education must include a minimum of six (6) CECs earned in the area of ethics. The ATCB recognizes a variety of CEC activities. These activities are clearly outlined in the recertification standards provided to all ATR-BCs in their recertification year.

A random sample of 10% of all recertification packets each year is subject to audit. Those selected for an audit are required to provide documentation of CECs earned during the recertification cycle. Documentation may be in the form of academic transcripts, certificates of attendance from a recognized provider, or other proof as outlined in the recertification instructions. A CEC tracking form is downloadable for the convenience of our credential holders.

It is the expectation of the ATCB that all recertification packets will be complete when returned to the national office by the due date. Incomplete packets and/or late submissions are subject to late and/or administrative fees.