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Registered Art Therapist (ATR) Application

Please note that the ATR is pre-requisite for Board Certification. There are three applications for Board Certification:

ATR-BC Standard Application

ATR-BC Application for ATRs Planning to Participate in Computer-based Testing

ATR-BC Application for ATRs Who Recently Passed the ATCBE for State Licensure

Please follow this link for more Examination information or if you are applying for state licensure and need to take the Art Therapy Credentials Board Examination.

Art Therapy Certified Supervisor (ATCS) Application

Recommendations for Distance Supervision

The ATCB is aware of the growing need for guidelines regarding distance supervision. The ATCB proposes the following recommendations, should prospective credential holders find distance supervision to be a preferred means of completing post-graduate hours or licensure requirements:

1. The ATCB acknowledges that in-person supervision should be the primary means of clinical supervision for art therapists.

2. The ATCB recommends that distance supervision, as a stand-alone form of supervision, occur only when particular situations and circumstance prevent the art therapist from participating in in-person supervision or a hybrid form of supervision. The following are examples of situations in which stand-alone distance supervision might be necessary:

a. When there are no art therapists qualified to do supervision within 100 miles of the supervisee, or

b. When the supervisee, due to physical or other limitations, is unable to travel, or

c. When international supervision is necessary, or

d. When other unforeseen limitations occur that prevent the supervisee from attaining in-person supervision.

3. Should distance supervision be used in conjunction with in-person supervision or as a stand-alone form of supervision, the supervisor and supervisee should consider the following recommendations:

a.  The supervisor and supervisee should be aware of their own particular state and/or national licensing requirements pertaining to distance supervision and follow those guidelines. The ATCB is not responsible for state licensing requirements.

b.  When using the Internet, the supervisor and supervisee should obtain encrypted software or use secure servers to transfer clinical files, artwork and information. All transfer of electronic information must be sent in an encrypted state.

c.  All written, audio, and video correspondence should be conducted through secure and encrypted formats and /or servers.

The ATCB is aware that there are many means of conducting safe, and confidential supervision through the Internet. The ATCB does not endorse any particular software, platform, or server to be used for encryption purposes.