Find a Credentialed Art Therapist

Art therapists may have two levels of credentials.

The first level is Registered Art Therapist (ATR), which means the therapist has a master's degree, has met rigorous educational standards and has had supervised experience working as an art therapist. ATRs may then take a comprehensive national exam to become Board Certified (ATR-BC). ATR-BCs who have met rigorous standards for supervisory qualifications may obtain the Art Therapy Certified Supervisor (ATCS) credential as an additional optional credential.

Total number of credential holders as of 6/30/2016:

ATR: 2,682
ATR-BC: 2,861
ATCS: 74
Total: 5,543

Search our database of ATRs and ATR-BCs to find an art therapist near you. Click here for a list of Art Therapy Certified Supervisors (ATCSs).

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